Join Maverick50

What You Need To Know!

Maverick 50 is a premium investment scheme built to give a sustainable structure to the operation of Xtreme BeerBank in Nigeria and beyond borders while uncapping the earning potentials of its subscribers through an "exclusive referral model".

We felt the need to put certain power and responsibilities into the hands of the qualified investors so that we can focus on the core of Xtreme BeerBanking Operation - which is trading beer, support local bars with business intelligence and infrastructures and get out ROI for our subscribers.

Maverick 50 is the new standard for the continuation of Xtreme BeerBank business models. Starting from this day, we would no longer issue referral code to the potential investors directly on our website. All the new/potential investors would have to join our newest Whatsapp group (XBBLobby) to request a referral code from the members of Maverick50 in order to be able to submit their application successfully. XBBLobby is a general group for the existing subscribers, the potentials and the Maverick 50. XBBLobby is for all.

Each member of the Maverick has the power to nominate and sign up 5 new Maverick per month and 10 standard investors.

Maverick can earns 5% (N30,000 or N50,000) on the new Maverick sign-up - instantly.

Member of Marverick 50 (N500,000) would have the grace of staying & get ROI for 6 months. No member of the Maverick 50 can quit before the first 3 months elapse. After the 3rd month, a Maverick can decide to abort his investment and Xtreme BeerBank would reimburse the capital (less 25%) and all the future commission privileges and access on our website would be revoked.

Members of Maverick 50 would carry a "plastic golden membership card" that allows them to drink 1 bottles for free per day, 3 times in a week in the bars that are Xtreme BeerBank Affiliated across the country.

The concept of referral effort or income in Maverick 50 does not have a place in the MLM system or have any form of correlation. It is a sideline, voluntarily activity that has the effect of increasing the M50 member's earning but no consequence on the traditional earning if jettisoned.


1. You must be an existing investor in the Xtreme BeerBank's stage 1 scheme OR nominated by an existing investor with 2 slots account.

2. You'd need a minimum of N300,000 for a monthly return of 16% for up to 3 months and maximum of N500,000 for a monthly return of 16% for up to 6 months.


1. It's like starting a business that is risk/loss free. Your ROI & Capital is guaranteed for an extended period of time.

2. Increased commission percentage.

3. You can earn between 300,000 to 500,000 monthly extra on referral commissions apart from your ROI. All registration on the website is through the Mavericks.

4. You have an exclusive access to the inner-circle of Xtreme BeerBank Operation. You are like a partner. The more resourceful you are, the better our friendships and value.

5. You get free pass to headlining events across the country. If we get access, we would get you extra one.

6. You can drink for free; your favourite beer brand in Xtreme BeerBank Affiliated Hotel's and local bars across the country.


Click here to go the application page. If you're new to Xtreme BeerBank, you'll require a referral code in order to be able to submit application successfully. To request a referral code, kindly click Join XBBLobby on Whatsapp.

An existing subscriber can apply and use their existing referral code

Feel free to chat with the "Live Agent" in case you have any further questions.